The Widow's son

Luke 7:11-17
(Everyone's Friend, p.30 copyright 1989)

Later on Jesus and His disciples, accompanied by a large crowd, went to the township of Nain. As they approached the town gate, they came upon the funeral procession of a widow's only son with many of the townspeople escorting her. When Jesus saw the distraught mother, His heart went out to her.

"Don't cry." He gently said to her.

He then went over and touched the open coffin and as He did so the pallbearers stopped.

"Young man," He said to the corpse, "wake up!"

The corpse suddenly came to life. The boy sat up and began to speak so Jesus took him and gave him back to his mother. Astonished and gripped by fear at first, the people then began to praise God.

"A great prophet has arisen among us!" They exclaimed to each other. "God has come to help His people!"

The account of what Jesus did done spread like wildfire all over Judea and the surrounding countryside.

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