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Personal conflict is part of grieving. It is stress related. It can cause you to be hard on yourself — to get into the habit of blaming yourself for things in the present as well as the past. Learning how to handle conflict is important. Consider the following ideas.

When conflict arises don't act on impulse. Slow down. Pray to God for wisdom and perspective.

Talk with a friend who may help you discover the origin of your conflict.

Think it through carefully.This can be done by listing all the possible options and the possible results of following these options.

Choose one or two options that you feel are the right ones, and do your best to carry them out. Do only what can be done today and leave tomorrow's problems for tomorrow. Put that which is out of your control out of your mind. (Grief Recovery, Larry Yeagley, p.62)

While these four tips are very helpful, it is important to remember that improving your life changing skills takes time and needs to be considered as a long-range project.

A Simple Prayer:

"Father in heaven,
It seems that I am being hard on myself. Please help me to put that which is out of control out of my mind.
Thank You, in the name of Jesus, the Great Physician."
"More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of
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