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Guide 1
If you need time and space to be alone and quiet, let the family know. Ask for it.

Guide 2
If you need closeness, touching or a listening ear, let the family know.

Guide 3
You don't need to hide your sorrow or cry alone. When tears burn their way down your cheeks, you can cry with a family member. In the presence of the mourners at the death of one of His best friends, "Jesus wept." John 11:35

Guide 4
Determine to get the family together periodically to assess how each person is adjusting. Don't take recovery for granted.

Guide 5
Holidays and anniversaries during the first years of grief are difficult times but can be opportunities to talk about the missing person. Some sorrow will be expected, but plan to do something together as a family.

Guide 6
Flare-ups and short tempers may be caused by the gradual build up of unexpressed sorrow. Agree as a family to try not to take it personally.

Guide 7
You may adjust to the loss sooner than others in the family. Everyone grieves at a different pace. Be patient.

Guide 8
If your family isn't meeting your need to express your feelings, feel free to seek help outside your family circle. Family members can each have different levels of grief. This can make it difficult for them to meet the needs of others.

Guide 9
Remember that other family members may hurt as much as, or more than, you do. Treat them with tenderness.

Guide 10
Understand that the world soon forgets about your loss. Often outside support is withdrawn too soon. Don't let this make you bitter. Spend your energy drawing together as a family.

(adapted from Grief Recovery wth permission author, Larry Yeagly)

A Simple Prayer:

"Father in heaven,
It hurts to see the family torn apart by sorrow. Please help me to be patient with them, and myself. Give me the ability to empathise and understand their different levels of grief.
Thank You, in the name of Jesus, the Great Physician."
"More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of


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