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Saying Goodbye

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The Healing Power of 'Goodbye'

If you want to live a peaceful and joyful future then you must say 'Goodbye'

You don't have to say 'Goodbye' to your memories. It is 'Goodbye' to the person whose life has ceased or to a lost cause

Don't try and say 'goodbye' in an abrupt way. Do it a little at a time.

It' OK to say your goodbyes aloud — but preferably not in the presence of others

Saying 'goodbye' is painful and resistance to do so is natural. However, the pain will mellow and the sun will begin to shine in your life once more.

Don't force the moment of the final 'Goodbye'. Let that moment come naturally.

A Simple Prayer:

"Father in heaven,
Help me to know when I need to say goodbye. It is a numbing thought, but my heart needs healing and if saying goodbye is important for me to do, please give me the courage and the will to do it.
Thank You for hearing me, in the name of Jesus the Great Physician."
"More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of

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