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Look back often to the days gone bye

Your recovery wll be improved by doing so. However, you need to be aware of four things:-

1. The danger of getting bogged down with, and ruled by, your memories.

2. Failing to realise the value of the present.

3. Neglecting to look forward to the new day and a brighter future.

4. Try not to overdo it in public. Choose wisely those with whom you share your treasured memories. Rarely does the whole world have a ready and sympathetic ear.

It's OK to express anger & guilt in a therapeutic manner

Learn how to express your anger and guilt. Don't neglect to get professional help if necessary.

Learn how to face your past relationship demons

Review and reconstruct difficult issues. If you cannot manage this, seek professional help.

A Simple Prayer:
"Father in heaven,
My thoughts of the past keep pulling me down. Most of my memories are good but I've also got some bad ones and no matter how hard I try to look forward, somehow my mind keeps pulling me back into the past. I seem to be stuck. Please give me the power I need to be able to look forward to a new life .
Thank You for hearing this prayer, in the name of Jesus, the Great Physician."
"More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of

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