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Loss & Grief . . . the 6 Disciplines

Think Carefully . . . Speak Kindly . . . Act Lovingly

Discipline 1

Discipline your mind to accept the reality of your loss. This takes perserverance but will aid in a easier and more healthy recovery

Discipline 2

Beware of trying to avoid your pain. It needs to be experienced in order for your heart to heal.

Discipline 3

Don't bottle up your hurts and tears. Express your feeling to trust people and your will help yourself to recover.

Discipline 4

Take hold of your courage with both hands and face the envorinments and places that you once shared with the person who is now gone

Discipline 5

Move steadily towards saying your final Goodbye. Trying to hold on to a relationship that is no more will rob you of a lot of vital energy needed in restoring relationships and bulding new ones.

Discipline 6

Plan and practice the conservation of your energy. A life crisis can deplete vital energy. Your vital energy is needed for a healthy restoration of your life.

A Simple Prayer: "Father in heaven,
I am struggling to control the feelings and thoughts in my life right now. Help me to understand and practice these disciplines. You know my situation and how I feel. I need courage and strength to get back on my feet again. Please give me faith to believe that You hear and answer the prayers of people like me.
Thank You for hearing this prayer, in the name of Jesus, the Great Physician."

"More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of

Discovery . . . Relief . . . Recovery . . . Hope